St. Thomas Nagar, Mukkolakkal, Trivandrum - 695043



  • Admissions for Std I to IX is based on the admission test conducted during the month of March or April.
  • The admission procedure for Class XI, starts after the declaration of the CBSE Class X Board results. Admission to Class XI is based on the results obtained by the candidate in his/her Class X Board Examination. Students of other Board can also apply.
  • For classes I to XI, casual vacancies arising from time to time will be filled up from applicants after testing the suitability of the student for admission.


The academic year is from June to March.

The academic year begins with a three-day retreat attended by all the members of the staff. Invoking the blessings of God Almighty, the teachers begin their mission of disseminating knowledge and moulding the minds of the pupils.


We, at St.Thomas Central School believe in the all-round development of the children. There are around 1000 students in Std I to IV. Each class has 6 sections.

Our Objectives

(Std I – V)

Subjects taught
  1. English
  2. Hindi/Malayalam (SL/TL)
  3. Hindi/Malayalam (SL/TL)
  4. Mathematics
  5. Science / EVS
  6. Social Science
  7. Art( Drawing)
  8. Work Experience
  9. Physical & Health Education
  10. Computer Literacy Programme
  11. Value Education
  12. General Knowledge
  13. Music

Due emphasis is given to computer-aided teaching. Specially trained teachers handle Music, Art and Physical and Health Education.


Each class has a collection of books which are handed over to the children during the class library period.

School Assembly

Upper Primary
(Std VI – VIII)

Subjects taught
  1. English
  2. Hindi/Malayalam (SL) (Hindi is compulsory either as a SL or TL)
  3. Hindi/Malayalam (TL)
  4. Mathematics
  5. Science
  6. Social Science
  7. Art
  8. Work Experience
  9. Physical & Health Education
  10. Computer Science
  11. Value Education
  12. Music

We aim at academic excellence with character perfection. With this in mind, we seek to fine tune our charges in every aspect of their intellectual, physical, spiritual and emotional development. We follow the syllabus set by the Central Board of Secondary Education. Learning is enlivened by the employment of various techniques and skills of teaching. Our computer lab and smart class are frequently used for teaching purposes.


High School
(Std IX – X)

Subjects taught
  1. English
  2. Hindi/Malayalam/French (SL)
  3. Mathematics
  4. Science
  5. Social Science
  6. Art
  7. Work Experience
  8. Physical & Health Education
  9. Information Technology (IT)/ Foundation of Information Technology
  10. Value Education : On Tuesday and Thursdays during the zero period value education classes are handled.

The school prepares the students for the AISSE (All India Secondary School Examination) conducted by the CBSE at the end of Class X. Emphasis is laid on improving their leadership skills, communicative skills and moral values. Students participate in debates, skits and classroom discussions.


Senior Secondary
(Std XI – XII)

A student-friendly atmosphere is created in the classrooms and the teacher focuses mainly on the communicative approach. Lecture-cum-demonstrative methods, exploiting the multimedia facilities available, make the classes lively and interesting. Seminars, paper presentations, debates, role-play, public speaking etc are encouraged, bearing in mind at the same time the fact that these students are being prepared for the Board Exams as well as the entrance exams. We thus cater to the all-round development of their personality, thereby moulding a self-reliant, responsible and industrious group of youngsters fully capable of taking on the challenges of the outside world.

The school prepares the students for the AISSCE (All India Senior Secondary Certificate Examination) conducted by the CBSE at the end of Class XII.

Senior Secondary (Std XI – XII)


Compulsory Subject - English
SUBJECTS OFFERED English English English
Physics Business Sudies Economics
Chemistry Accountancy Sociology
(any two)

Informatics Practices
(any one)

Political Science

Psychology/Maths/Informatics Practices (any one)