St. Thomas Nagar, Mukkolakkal, Trivandrum - 695043

Sports & Games


The minds of children see no impossibility and to help them stretch their imagination, limitless opportunities are provided to explore and experiment, to be involved in Fests, Themewise class assemblies, Science Exhibitions, Workshops, Dramatics & cultural activities. Various clubs function under the able guidance of the teachers. For Classes V to IX a competition for Class Magazine is held.

Our School Magazine “Bhavana” is a collection of the creative talents displayed by the students. All the activities & competitions as per the CBSE Activity calendar is conducted at the school.

Apart from this, study tours are organized for all classes.


Sports & Games

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”

The school has been provided with an expansive playground to satisfy the physical training requirements of the students. There is space and provision for all kinds of sports. Separate teams are maintained for Basketball, Hockey, Roller Skating, Badminton, Football, Cricket and Athletics. Students are trained by experienced coaches.

    The school teams actively participate in various tournaments.
  1. The All Kerala CBSE Athletic Meet
  2. St.Thomas Basket Ball Tournament
  3. Inter House Matches-Basketball, Football, Cricket

The school has lifted the All Kerala CBSE trophies in football, basketball, table tennis and athletics. The school has also hosted many of the CBSE All Kerala Tournaments in Table Tennis and Basketball.